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Grunda Dolma[2] was an Ualaq Aqualish who fought as a gladiator in a ritual battle in the Cauldron arena on the planet Rattatak[1] in 22 BBY.[3] The Sith Lord Count Dooku attended the match, hoping to find a new apprentice amongst the fighters,[1] and Dolma fought using a double-headed staff for Dooku's glory.[2]

During the battle, Dolma destroyed[1] Mantoid,[2] a droid gladiator, before the Dathomirian Asajj Ventress entered the arena. The Aqualish and the Gamorrean gladiator[1] Blorga[2] then prepared to attack the new arrival, but Ventress used the Force to throw Dolma and Blorga back. Ventress went on to claim victory in the arena and became Dooku's apprentice. Dolma had black hair and eyes and brown skin. While in the Cauldron, the Aqualish wore a long, brown robe.[1]

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Grunda Dolma first appeared in Chapter 6 of the Star Wars: Clone Wars micro-series,[1] which aired on November 14, 2003.[4] The character was named in Ultimate Sticker Book: Star Wars: Clone Wars, a sticker book written by Simon Beecroft and released in 2004.[2] In 2008, a figure named "Aqualish Warrior" in the Clone Wars set of Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Miniatures roleplaying game resembled Dolma, with differences in hair and clothing color.[5]

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