"Call me Grunta. It'd be my pleasure to take you where you need to go. Friend."
―Grunta, to Han Solo[src]

Grunta was a male Dug podracer who resided on the planet Muunilinst. In 0 ABY, a few months after the Battle of Yavin, Grunta encountered the Rebels Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, who were accompanied by Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Tobin Elad, on the outskirts of the city of Pilaan. As the Rebels were trying to find a way to meet with the Muun Nal Kenuun, Grunta offered to arrange a meeting with Kenuun for a payment of 100 credits. Instead, Grunta led the group into an ambush by four of his Dug companions armed with blasters and riding swoops. Grunta died when one of the swoops crashed on him after Solo blasted its starboard engine.


"Getting into trouble was one of Grunta's few talents. It's the reason I had him shadowed by a homing droid."
Nal Kenuun[src]

Grunta was a short and scaly Dug who resided in the city of Pilaan on the planet Muunilinst. Like most of his species, Grunta was barely a meter high, though Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker thought that Grunta was even shorter than most Dugs when he first met him in 0 ABY, a few months after the Battle of Yavin. Along with Skywalker were fellow Rebels Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and X-7, the latter of whom the Rebels were unaware was actually an Imperial assassin secretly using the alias Tobin Elad. Inside a local cantina, the Rebels were trying to find information on how to contact the Muun gambler Nal Kenuun but were unsuccessful, as the locals refused to cooperate. Grunta offered to arrange a high-stakes game—with a 10,000-credit buy-in—with Kenuun for a hundred-credit fee. Solo agreed to the proposition, and the group began to follow Grunta deep into the city's outskirts. Instead, Grunta led the group into an ambush by four of his fellow Dugs flying swoops and armed with blasters. When Grunta demanded that they hand over all of their credits, the Rebels decided to fight back. After a short skirmish, the Dugs chose to retreat after one of their members was killed by Solo when he successfully shot the swoop's starboard engine, crashing it with a fiery explosion. Grunta himself also died in the melee when the swoop's remains crashed on him, killing him instantly.[1]

After the ambush, the Rebels were captured by Imperial stormtroopers under the employ of Kenuun, who, upon meeting them in his home, revealed that Grunta was a podracer pilot in his employ. Knowing Grunta's penchant for trouble, Kenuun had a homing droid shadowing him as a precaution, which enabled Kenuun's stormtroopers to capture the Rebels. Kenuun offered the Rebels a deal in which one of them would take Grunta's place in an upcoming podracing event in exchange for a datacard that Kenuun took from Mak Luunim, a Rebel Alliance contact on the planet. The datacard contained a set of secret financial accounts that the Rebellion badly needed, as most of their funds had been lost when the planet Alderaan was destroyed. As retrieving the datacard was their mission in the first place, Skywalker agreed to take Grunta's spot, eventually winning the race.[1]

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"I'm guessing Grunta wasn't a friend of yours?"
"That piece of bantha slime? Haari Ikreme Beeerd, at your service. Any enemy of Grunta is a friend to us all."
Han Solo and Haari Ikreme Beeerd[src]

Nal Kenuun described Grunta as someone possessing a talent for trouble, which was why he had a homing droid keeping track of the Dug. When he was not racing, Grunta engaged in armed robbery of individuals with the help of his Dug companions. Despite being an excellent podracer, Grunta was disliked by his podracing colleagues. When Han Solo admitted to having a part in Grunta's death, a gathered crowd of podracing pilots and crewmen inside a large tent near the racetrack, where they passed time before the race, cheered the news. Haari Ikreme Beeerd, who was a crewman for another podracer, even befriended Solo and treated the crowd to another round of drinks.[1]

With Grunta's death, all of Kenuun's fellow Muuns who were competing against him were overjoyed at the news. One Muun in particular, Chenik Kruun, was known to be cold-blooded and emotionless, yet it was said that he almost smiled when he heard of Grunta's demise; delighted at the prospect of finally being able to beat Kenuun in a race.[1]

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Grunta was a character created by author Alex Wheeler for the 2008 novel Rebel Force: Target, the first volume in the Rebel Force series.


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