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Gualamas were beautiful, herbivorous ungulates indigenous to the grassy plains of Naboo, also found on the moon Rori.

Biology and appearance[edit | edit source]

A gualama courting ritual, where a male courts a female by giving her a gesture of affection.

They were similar to the gualaar and guarlara species, but smaller and less stocky. They normally dwelt in small herds of up to 25 individuals. Predators included tusk cats.

Herds center around a single adult male that cares for and protects adult females and young. When a male youngster, called a colt, reaches maturity, the patriarch of the herd runs him off. The young male roams the countryside with other "bachelors," who look for females to be mates, and at the same time these "bachelors" wrestle with each other.

The gualama's head boasted two forward-curving horns. The long, furry tail tail was flaglike in shape, and could be used to communicate amongst individuals over long distances. Tail gestures can mean a numbers of things, like mourning, threatened, and "Where is the nearest watering hole?" When retreating, their tails are raised in a bannerlike.

Naboo human monarchs kept a gualama herd - this royal herd (reverently guarded by domesticated tusk-cats) exists for the exclusive use of the Queen or King and his/her close servants (such as handmaidens). These gualamas were often ridden by these particular humans on twirrling expeditions, accompanied by trained twirrls. White and dappled varieties of gualamas existed.

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