Guards of Aldera were guardians of the city of Aldera. It was rumored that one of their number stole the Alsakan Tessent and brought it to Ast Kikorie Station. Whether the guard actually had the tessent in his possession is uncertain, but regardless, the guard was killed during a meteorite shower when he was shuttling supplies to the space station. The station was also destroyed during the shower, but the guard's shuttle crashed some distance away from the station, making his body hard to locate.

During a revived search for the tessent, the guard became a major source of speculation, both as to whether he actually had the tessent in his possession and the location of his crashed shuttle.

Behind the scenesEdit

The reason why a Guard of Aldera would have stolen the tessent is never given in the article, Race for the Tessent. However, it seems likely, given the number of typos and references confusing "Alsakan" with "Alderaan," that Alderaan was intended to be the world of origin. At some point, the location was changed and all references to "Alderaan" were changed to "Alsakan." This left a few vestigial terms such as "Aldera" in the final product.


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