The guardians were incorporeal spirits of residents of the planet Oblis who were killed when Oblis was destroyed by the Sith artifact the Darkstaff thousands of years before the Clone Wars. In the aftermath of the destruction of Oblis, the Darkstaff came to lie within a chamber on the asteroid I-9 in an asteroid belt formed from the remains of Oblis. To prevent the Darkstaff from falling into the wrong hands, the guardians, along with a number of shadow lurkers, disembodied Oblee that were also turned into spirits by the destruction of Oblis inhabited the asteroid to stop the Darkstaff from being taken away.[1]

In circa 31 BBY,[2][3] the guardians interacted with the Heroes of Cularin, a group of freelancers who had venture to I-9 while on a mission, within the asteroid's room of six shadows.[1]

The guardians had vaguely shadowy forms that hovered in the air and were wispier in appearance that the disembodied Oblee shadow lurker spirits that inhabited I-9 as well.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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