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The guarlara was a species of ungulate indigenous to Naboo, similar to the gualaar and gualama. They came from the snowy northern mountains of Naboo, and their thick coats required shearing in warmer climates. They were majestic beasts with thick, black (white at birth), silky fur, and long, thick, fur-covered tails. The head boasted a pair of forward-curving horns, while a tusk grew out of either side of the mouth. The hooves of the guarlara were larger than those of the gualama, allowing for sure-footedness in mountain terrain.


A guarlara, its handler and a domestic greysor.

Guarlara fur was used in clothing and tapestries. The Naboo monarchs had a guarlara herd: only the monarchs and the Royal crusaders were allowed to ride the guarlaras.

Guarlara statues adorned Theed. A Venator-class Star Destroyer was named Guarlara.



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