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"The Guavian Death Gang is vicious, and if they spot us, we're all in deep trouble."
Jarek Yeager[4]

The Guavian Death Gang, also known as the Guavian gang, was a criminal organization in operation roughly thirty years after the Battle of Endor. The gang was driven out of the Core Worlds due to unrest in the galactic underworld after the collapse of the Galactic Empire. They employed deadly soldiers in high-impact red cybernetic armor.


Spreading through the galaxy[]

"I've been writing to the Guavians daily asking them to step up their criminal activities, but so far, they're just not responding."
"That's your problem. The Guavians can't read, Poe. You should be writing to the Hutts."
Poe Dameron and Karé Kun[6]

The Guavian Death Gang's red-armored foot soldiers were recruited after swearing loyalty to the gang in exchange for a cybernetic augmentation. They were equipped with a mechanical reservoir that acted as a second heart, injecting a secret combination of chemicals into the soldiers' bloodstream, giving them a boost of speed and aggression. They communicated via high frequency data streams transmitted from the central disk in their faceplates. Soldiers were armed with the latest black market technology, such as the Tostovin Munitions percussive cannon, carried by Bala-Tik.[7]

The Guavian Death Gang was chased out of the Core Worlds by their fellow criminals, unwilling to conduct their business alongside the ruthless cabal.[8] After their ascendency as a major criminal organization, they gained a reputation for coercion. The gang also took over a region known as Guavian Death Space, where they deployed scoutships.[4]

Sometime after Supreme Leader Snoke's assumption of leadership within the First Order, Bala-Tik wrote in the Smuggler's Guide how Guavian Death Gang intercepted binary transmission from the Droid Gotra, that ordered members of Gotra and Cyban Front to strike high-value data caches on Terminus, Little Petrovi, and Corbett Cluster. Guavians then broadcast their own counteracting broadcast, that ordered to position soldiers to intercept them, and somehow removed Smuggler's Guide from Gotra. Later in the book he described their plan to launch a strike on Nantoon to rule over the galaxy's underworld. However, the gang lost the Smuggler's Guide to the Kanjiklub during the skirmish in the Cronese Mandate.[3]

In 34 ABY, two Guavian foot soldiers tracked racer Marcus Speedstar to the Colossus station on Castilon due to him owing them 20,000 credits. In order to ensure that Speedstar would have the proper motivation to win the Platform Classic and its 100,000 credit prize money, the Gang took Speedstar's mechanic Oplock hostage, only returning him after Speedstar had paid his debt with his winnings.[9]

Confronting Han Solo[]

"Bala-Tik. What's the problem?"
"The problem is we loaned you 50,000 for this job."
―Han Solo and Bala-Tik[2]
Guavian Death Gang

Bala-Tik and Guavian Death Gang soldiers on the Eravana.

The Guavian Death Gang and their negotiator Bala-Tik encountered Han Solo and Chewbacca on the freighter Eravana about thirty years after the Battle of Endor. They were accompanied by Kanjiklub when they threatened Han Solo and expressed their impatience with him and his endless excuses, after Solo delayed on repaying them the 50,000 credits he foolishly borrowed. When Bala-Tik recognized BB-8, he told Solo that the First Order was looking for the droid and for the fugitives Finn and Rey. Upon hearing this, Rey thought of activating the blast doors on either side of Han and Chewbacca to trap both the gangs, but she activated the wrong doors, releasing the three rathtars Han Solo was keeping on his freighter instead. The rathtars devoured most of the Guavian Death Gang and Kanjiklub, leaving only Bala-Tik and possibly a few other soldiers. During the battle, Han Solo and Chewbacca escaped on the Millennium Falcon with BB-8, Rey, and Finn. Bala-Tik then contacted the First Order and told them that BB-8 was on the Millennium Falcon.[2]

Open warfare[]

During the war between the First Order and the Resistance, the Colossus intruded into Guavian Death Space's asteroid field while hiding from the First Order, and as such was involved in a skirmish against Guavian patrol ships there. The gang demanded that the Colossus pay a million credits as toll fee or lose their station, but it managed to escape after Kazuda Xiono and Ace Squadron engaged the Guavian fighters.[4]

Another cell of the death gang was under the command of the Quarren Tara Rashin.[10] She had once been a simple soldier in the gang, yet her tactical skill ensured she could rise to a leadership role.[11] She led her cell in an attack on a starship from the Droid Depot.[10]

Behind the scenes[]

The Guavian Death Gang was developed for the saga film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.


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