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"Our security soldiers are machine-enhanced from cranium to extremities. Chemical pumps feed the endocrine system to boost response time and dull pain receptors. Cranial faceplates collect signals and permit near-instantaneous communication across hyperwave channels. This is the face of the future. Run the combat odds if you doubt me."

Guavian security soldiers, also known as Guavian Death Gang soldiers[4] or Guavian Enforcers,[5] were cybernetically enhanced humans[4] employed as security soldiers by the criminals of the Guavian Death Gang in operation roughly thirty years after the Battle of Endor.


"Oh, hey Guavians. Small galaxy. How is everyone? Looking nice and red. Really red."
―Marcus Speedstar[6]
Backup Muscle SWDA

Guavian security soldiers in action

Guavian security soldiers were recruited after swearing loyalty to the Guavian Death Gang in exchange for their cybernetic augmentation,[1] a process known as mechamorphosis.[3] A mechanical[1] reservoir-pump implant[3] acted as a second heart, injecting a secret mixture of chemicals directly into each soldier's bloodstream to boost their physical abilities.[1] The soldiers wore high-impact cybernetic armor[4] and communicated via high frequency data streams,[1] known as hyperwave channels,[3] transmitted from the central sensor and broadcasting dish in their faceplates.[1] The boots also contained selective magnetization hull grippers.[3] Weaponry used by the soldiers consisted of black market prototype weapons,[4] such as Tostovin Munitions's micro-grenade launcher and percussive cannon.[1]

A squad of Guavian enforcers accosted Marcus Speedstar during the Platform Classic. They took his mechanic hostage in order to ensure that Speedstar paid back his debt, which he ultimately did after winning the race.[6]

Guavian security soldiers accompanied Bala-Tik when he confronted Han Solo and Chewbacca the freighter Eravana about the 50,000 credits Solo had borrowed from the Guavian Death Gang and not yet returned. After Kanjiklub joined the confrontation and Bala-Tik recognized BB-8 as the astromech droid wanted by the First Order—having been brought to the ship by First Order fugitives Finn and Rey—Rey accidentally released the three rathtars that Solo was transporting. A skirmish subsequently broke out, which resulted in many security soldiers being killed.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Kylo Ren concept art Guavian

Concept art for the "Jedi Killer" which ultimately inspired the design of the Guavian security soldier.

Guavian security soldiers first appeared in the 2015 film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.[2] Their design was based on concept art originally created for the "Jedi Killer," the character who eventually became Kylo Ren.[7]


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