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"As I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted, Dr. Gubacher is going to equip each of you with a tactical upgrade specially designed for this mission."
―Colonel Meebur Gascon, to D-Squad[src]

Gubacher was a male Parwan doctor who served the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. He was an artificial intelligence specialist and operated a research and development lab in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, working closely with the Jedi in designing spy droids.[1] Gubacher was a part of the Republic's Strategic Advisory Cell, and worked with many other members of the Cell in constructing a massive mobile battle station for the Republic, which would later be known as the Death Star.[2]

In the second year of the Clone Wars, Gubacher outfitted the astromech members of D-Squad, who were to steal an encryption module from a Separatist cruiser, with various upgrades to aid them on their mission.[1] At the end of the Clone Wars, the Republic was transformed into the Galactic Empire, which continued work on the battle-station project. Gubacher was still involved with the project during the early years of the Empire's reign.[2]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Gubacher concept art

Gubacher character illustration by Amy Beth Christenson

Gubacher first appeared in the[1] fifth season[3] episode of the television show Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Secret Weapons,"[1] which aired on December 1, 2012.[4] He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker,[1] who also voiced the clone troopers in the show.[5]


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