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Guerrilla warfare, also known as guerrilla tactics, or Asymmetric warfare was a form of irregular warfare where a small group would fight off a larger force via unconventional tactics. Unlike conventional warfare one opposing force is typically not a standardized army or military force; nor possesses the significant resources needed to sustain a lengthy campaign. Strategies falling under guerrilla warfare included ambushes, sabotage, raids, and hit-and-run tactics. Guerrilla warfare was often the mainstay of small military units that lacked sufficient resources to attack a major power and rogue terrorist or rebel groups that didn't have the military hardware or personnel to maintain a steady state conflict. In extreme cases, guerrilla warfare could even utilize borderline terroristic measures, such as holding hostages. Largely because of the fact that guerrilla warfare was technically not part of the standards of warfare, it was generally used by terrorist groups, revolutionaries, outlaws, or people who had been pushed to their limit, although in some cases, even larger groups could engage in it regarding special forces. Those who practiced guerrilla tactics were generally called guerrillas.


During the Clone Wars, the Republic proceeded to aid and train various militia groups,[1] including the rebels on Onderon. During this event, Obi-Wan Kenobi agreed to help train the Onderon rebels in their fight against Sanjay Rash, but made clear that they wouldn't fight their war for them.[2] The Confederacy of Independent Systems would also train anti-Republic fighters, such as Cassian Andor's insurrectionist cell. The Onderon rebels, including Saw Gerrera, being trained by the Republic, would later come back to haunt its successor, the Galactic Empire, when they became members of the Partisans, who operated at Jedha City on Jedha until it was destroyed by the Death Star.[3][4]

In 18 BBY, the militias of the planet Salient II utilized guerrilla warfare against the Empire, although this ultimately failed.[5]

The Death trooper squads also had knowledge of guerrilla tactics, due to their elite training on Scarif. The member DT-5537 demonstrated this knowledge during the Battle of Scarif.[6]

The Rebel Alliance Pathfinders utilized guerrilla combat as a means of infiltration.[7]

Following the Battle of Crait, the Resistance were reduced to guerrilla fighters who, in spite of their situation, still opposed the First Order while seeking to restore justice and the New Republic.[8]



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