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"Calling all units…converge on the park, guild sector three! A miscreant is in flight here."

Guild Sector Three was a location on the planet Herdessa. The area contained the slums of the planet, and many poor and hungry individuals made their homes of the rundown buildings in the area. The Herdessan Guild's security detail, led by the cyborg Lumiya searched the sector hoping to find Suzu and Finn, two Herdessans who had attacked Princess Leia Organa during her arrival on the planet. The security forces captured Finn, but when they caught up with Suzu, Organa interfered, concerned with the aggressive force that Lumiya and her troops were using. Organa was able to free Suzu, and the two escaped to a rundown building holding several of the poverty-stricken citizens. Wishing to subjugate the sector, Lumiya and her forces attacked the building and captured the insurgents, crushing the possible uprising in the area.

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