Guildhead way was a road in the city of Salline on Chandrila. It was a broad avenue that led directly to the government center. During the Pacification of Salline, then-Colonel Maximilian Veers had a unit composed of two All Terrain Armored Transports and two All Terrain Scout Transports proceed down the avenue, as it provided an unobstructed path to the government center. On the way over, one of the AT-ATs, Hammer 6, was ambushed by Rebels in a building to the south of Guildhead's way, 1.2 kilometers from the government building, but the ambush was wiped out via Hammer 8 opening fire on the building on Veers' order, the Empire having learned from its mistakes regarding the Debacle on Ord Torrenze earlier. The pattern repeated until at least 400 meters later, with them ultimately breaching the government building, although with Hammer 6 being left disabled.


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