"You don't have to get mean. I'm new. They don't tell me much."
―A Guineo guard, to his Draag supervisor[2]

The Guineo were a bipedal, sentient species indigenous to the planet of Dohlban, where they were often used for manual labor. Typically, members of the species were tall and powerfully built. Guineo, however, were not very intelligent and lacked the ability to make complicated decisions, a condition that relegated many Guineo to very basic jobs. Many members of the species were hired off-world by criminal organizations. Among these groups was Haugg Nerf Industries, which was located in the Industrial District on the planet Coruscant. Several Guineo worked at the company, a nerf-meat packing plant that was used as a cover for transporting hallucinogenic death sticks from the crime lord Sebolto on the planet Malastare so that they could be sold on Coruscant. Among the Guineo working at Haugg Nerf Industries were Yol Areebi, J'Meeb Gumb, and Panza Hondi.

Biology and appearance[]

"It's cold in here!"
―A Guineo guard at Haugg Nerf Industries[2]

The Guineo were a sentient, bipedal species with pale-yellow skin and two arms that ended in large, four-fingered hands.[2] They were large and powerfully built, with the average Guineo being over two meters tall[1] on legs that were shorter than the arms. Each member of the species had a tall, elongated, hairless head, a thick, wrinkled neck,[2] and two red eyes on the face.[3] The Guineo also had a large mouth and two small, sharply-pointed ears, one on each side of the head.[2] The Guineo species included a male sex. There was at least one Guineo who found cold temperatures unpleasant.[2]

Society and culture[]

"It ain't the nerfs he's got us guarding, you idiot!"
―A Draag supervisor, demeaning the intelligence of a Guineo guard at Haugg Nerf Industries[2]

The Guineo, as far as sentient species went, were one of the least intelligent in the galaxy. Their meager intelligence made them largely unable to make complex decisions, limiting the Guineo to simple jobs.[1] Guineo were able to learn how to speak Basic. Many Guineo workers who lived in the Industrial District on the Galactic Republic's capital planet of Coruscant wore jumpsuits, each having a large metallic plate on its front. Their jumpsuits had two tubes connecting to both the upper chest area and to a small tank that they carried on their backs. Such Guineo guards also wore gloves and goggles.[2]


"What are we guarding, anyway?"
"Death sticks."
"Death sticks?"
―A Guineo guard at Haugg Nerf Industries, asking his Draag supervisor about their guard duty[2]

The Guineo species was native to the planet Dohlban,[1] which was located in the Dohlban system in the Dohlbani sector of the Mid Rim.[4] The star system lay along the Kaaga Run past the system in which Void Station was located.[5]

Guineo in the galaxy[]

"Why we gotta stand guard in here? The boss afraid somebody's going to steal a bunch of frozen nerfs?"
―A Guineo guard, to his Draag supervisor[2]

A Guineo criminal named Panza Hondi

On their homeworld of Dohlban, the Guineo worked as manual laborers, but some were hired as muscle by criminal organizations from other worlds. In any case, members of the Guineo species generally had very basic jobs due to their poor decision-making skills.[1] Some Guineo worked in the Industrial District of the galactic capital planet of Coruscant[2] in the year 32 BBY.[6] The company Haugg Nerf Industries was located in that district and employed members of the Guineo species as guards. While Haugg Nerf Industries posed as a nerf-meat processing facility owned by a non-Guineo alien named Groff Haugg, in reality the plant was a front for selling death sticks shipped from the Dug crime lord Sebolto of the planet Malastare to people on Coruscant.[2]

Among the many Guineo working in the facility were Yol Areebi, J'Meeb Gumb, Panza Hondi, and a newly-hired guard whose job was to watch over a speeder hangar where death sticks were stored before being distributed. Areebi had previously worked as a slaver and had earned a bounty from the Republic Security Force for supplying an illegal Cron Drift mining facility with natives from the Forest Moon of Endor. Gumb was wanted by an anonymous source for using a skifter to manipulate the deck in a high-stakes sabacc match. The Coruscant Police wanted Hondi for the murder of one of their police officers.[2] In 32 BBY,[6] a Mandalorian bounty hunter named Jango Fett infiltrated Haugg Nerf Industries to get information from the owner, Groff Haugg, about the origin of the death sticks. When he entered Haugg Nerf through the hangar, Fett overheard the newly hired guard and his Draag supervisor discussing the operation.[2] As Fett progressed through the facility, he was attacked by guards, including many Guineo armed with blasters or thermal wrenches.[1] While inside Haugg Nerf, the bounty hunter encountered Hondi and claimed the bounty on his head.[7]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Besides capturing Hondi on one of the facility's walkways, Fett captured J'Meeb Gumb near a control panel and apprehended Yol Areebi in a corridor[1] shortly before locating Groff Haugg, who had been killed by another Mandalorian bounty hunter named Montross.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The first official image of a member of the Guineo species was published in April 2002 on the cover of Star Wars Gamer 10 to advertise a preview article for the LucasArts video game Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.[8] When Star Wars: Bounty Hunter was released in December 2002, Guineo appeared as guards in Haugg Nerf Industries, which was the second stage of the game's second level. One Guineo guard appears prominently in a cutscene before the start of the stage, which features the guard and a Draag supervisor having a conversation about what they were guarding in the facility while Jango Fett sneaked in.[2]

In addition to the standard guards, three of the Guineo from the level have secondary bounties placed on them, which Fett, the player's character, has the opportunity to collect. These three Guineo are Yol Areebi, J'Meeb Gumb, and Panza Hondi. Each of the Guineo bounties offer twice as many credits alive as the reward for killing the bounty. Gumb and Hondi fight Fett if attacked, while Areebi merely cowers and allows himself to be captured if he is approached. All of the Guineo on the level use the same character model, including the three bounties.[2] There was additional information about the Guineo included in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter: Prima's Official Strategy Guide, which was published by Prima Games in November 2002.[1] This article was written with the assumption that the player collects every bounty at the highest possible reward for each bounty, but the only Guineo bounty that Jango Fett is canonically confirmed to have collected was Hondi. This information on Hondi was included in his entry in the 2008 book The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, although it did not confirm if Fett captures him alive or kills him.[7] While game artwork for the Guineo shows the species with eyes that appear red in color, the graphics used for the in-game model make it impossible to determine if they have red eyes or merely red-tinted lenses on their goggles.[2] This article was written with the assumption that the artwork is correct, since the image was of a higher quality than that of the in-game Guineo model.



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