Guiteica was the Bitthævrian homeworld.


Known as Kadok III-D on most star charts, Guiteica was the fourth planet in the Tertiary Kadok system, and had nine moons. There were sixteen distinct continents of the rugged planet, which was known for its soaring peaks and roaring waterfalls.[2]

Because of its axial tilt, Guiteica had seven seasons each year: Giil, Quul, Aul, Zoul, Tweil, Jael, and Quaal.[2]


As the homeworld of isolationist Bitthævrians, Guiteica has remained mostly separated from political activity in the galaxy. The natives were content keeping their own activities in the Kadok Regions and never joined actively the Old Republic.[2]

However, at least five decades before the Battle of Yavin, the Republic increased their interference in the Kadok Regions, affecting Bitthævrian interests. The Bitthævrians, a warlike species, reacted with a rebellion. The Republic made them look like a galaxy-wide threat and sent an army of Jedi and Kaleesh to annihilate the rebel activity (Both Jedi and Kaleesh were convinced of the "Bitthævrian threat"). Although the Bitthævrians fought to the best of their remarkable skills, they were eventually defeated.[2]

They have since kept an even more isolationist politics, but also a great natural hatred towards the Republic, the Force-users and the Bothans because of their tendency to avoid direct conflict. They understood the Galactic Empire as a corrupt and evil government, but they considered it to be an improvement when compared with the Old Republic; the Rebel Alliance was disliked because they shared ideals and goals with the Republic. Nevertheless, Moff Rhain Towith of Kadok Regions could not imagine how to put Guiteica under Imperial control.[2]

Vulca Minerals tried to perform yttrium mining activities in Guiteica, but the pushy attitude of Vulca officers led to a more aggressive attitude from the m'Yalfor'ac Order. The crisis was witnessed by a Vulca officer and later Rebel lieutenant Ayla Shar. Since that crisis, Kadok Resources, a Bitthævrian-controlled operation, managed all of Guiteica's exports.[2]


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