"He was nothing but a bounty hunter and assassin who had the good fortune to be born with the ability to touch the Force."

Gula Dwan was a Duros bounty hunter and assassin. A Force-sensitive, he was selected by the wealthy Human Loranda to teach her son, Hetton, about the Force. However, Hetton found Dwan to be a worthless teacher, and after a short time, he killed him.


"Over the years he had gleaned a simple understanding of the most basic techniques to access his power, allowing him to levitate small objects and perform other similar tricks."

A male Duros, Gula Dwan was a bounty hunter and an assassin. He was also Force-sensitive and had learned a number of minor Force powers throughout his life, such as the ability to levitate small objects. At some point before 1000 BBY, Dwan was recruited by Loranda, a wealthy Human female from the planet Serenno. Loranda sought someone to teach her son, Hetton, in the ways of the Force and had stumbled upon the Duros. She offered him a large sum of money; as someone who was motivated by credits, Dwan eagerly accepted.[1]

However, Hetton found that Dwan had little to teach him. Thanks to his family's substantial wealth, Hetton was able to discover a number of Sith artifacts and old volumes. From the manuscripts that he recovered, Hetton learned more about the Force than he had been taught under Dwan. After his skills surpassed Dwan's own, the pupil killed his teacher at the urging of his mother.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"But he paid no allegiance to the Sith or the Jedi; Gula's own fealty was to whoever paid him the most credits."

Gula Dwan was a being motivated by money. He was willing to work for whomever would pay him the most, no matter their ideals. After being contacted by Loranda, he agreed to work for her and teach her son, as she had promised to pay him a great deal of credits. However, Dwan was a subpar teacher. Hetton quickly grew tired of his instructor, considering Dwan a simple mercenary who happened to be Force-sensitive, and he was eager to kill Dwan when the time came.[1]

Dwan had minor Force-sensitivity and used his connection to the Force to guide his actions.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Gula Dwan was created for the 2007 novel Darth Bane: Rule of Two, written by Drew Karpyshyn. Dwan never makes a physical appearance; he merely receives a brief mention by Hetton.



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