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"Not long ago some bored, unattended Howler Tree children got hold of a Larynx-7 aboard one of the transgalactic starliners. With it they commanded the entire droid service crew to engage in a cabinwide food fight, forcing the pilot to terminate the flight in the Gulf of Tatooine so that the staff could clean the cockpit windshield."
―Ebenn Q3 Baobab, Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide[2]

The Gulf of Tatooine was a near-starless region that formed a part of the Outer Rim Territories' Arkanis sector. The Trans Gulf Route hyperlane traversed the area, with the Vuzsa system being located on the hyperspace route. At some point by 6 ABY, a transgalactic starliner was forced to stop at the Gulf of Tatooine so that its crew could clean the ship's cockpit viewport after it had become obscured as a result of a food fight initiated by the vessel's droid service crew.


The Gulf of Tatooine was a nearly starless void located in the Arkanis sector, a part of the Slice portion of the Outer Rim Territories. It bordered the Triellus Trade Route Rimward, the D'Anjon Nebula spinward, and the hyperlane known as the Old Corellian Run in the trailing direction. The Trans Gulf Route hyperlane traveled across the Gulf of Tatooine, connecting the Pii and Piroket systems. The region shared its name with the planet Tatooine, which was situated at the intersection of the Triellus and the Old Corellian Run.[1]


"So be cautioned, never let a Baobab Larynx-7 fall into the hands of children. It is not a toy, and should be operated only by adults."
―Ebenn Q3 Baobab, Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide[2]

At some point by 6 ABY, a group of[2] Howler Tree People[3] children traveling aboard a transgalactic starliner obtained a Baobab Larynx-7 reed whistle that could be used to communicate in droidspeak. The children then used the whistle to command the entire droid service crew of the starliner to commence a food fight. The viewport of the vessel's cockpit became obscured as a result, and the starship's pilot was forced to end the flight in the Gulf of Tatooine, where the liner's crew could then clean the viewport. Shortly thereafter, the author Ebenn Q3 Baobab noted the incident in the 6 ABY edition of his book the Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide.[2]


"When I was nearly captured in the Lorn system some time ago, it was the Sandwind operatives who helped me find the Vuzsa safehouse and hole up until Moff Murquan gave up on me…"
―Tiree, personal addendum to Rebel Task Force on Alliance Security's SecuriDex datafile on the "Jundland Banshee"[4]

The Vuzsa system was situated on the Trans Gulf Route at the center of the Gulf of Tatooine. It contained the world Vuzsa, which served as a refueling point for starships traveling between the Pii and Piroket systems—which occasionally did so via the Trans Gulf Route in order to avoid the seedy spaceports of Tatooine.[1] During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance maintained a safehouse at Vuzsa, at which the Rebel agent Tiree once hid in order to evade capture by the Galactic Empire.[4]

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The Gulf of Tatooine was first mentioned in the 2001 book Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide, authored by Ben Burtt.[2] It was illustrated on a map designed by Modi and included in the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas.[1]


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