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"We need fighting to feed the machine and our profits."
"After our attack, the chances of peace will disappear. The Banking Clan, the Trade Federation and the Techno Union will all get their fair share. And then some."
―Gume Saam and Dooku[src]

Gume Saam was a male Ishi Tib senator who represented the Techno Union in the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, while secretly furthering the interests of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


Palpatine on balcony

Saam with Chancellor Palpatine and several other senators

Saam was a senator for the Techno Union.[1] Following the Battle of Geonosis, Saam was with Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine and several other senators who oversaw the deployment of the newly formed Grand Army of the Republic from Coruscant.[2]

Clone WarsEdit

"This is a matter not of philosophy. More troops are needed. The Republic cannot afford to let the Separatists gain any more ground!"
―Gume Saam[src]
Military enhancement bill

Gume Saam with Lott Dod in the Senate

During the Clone Wars, Saam tried to push a bill that would deregulate the banks in the Republic Senate. Following that session of the senate, Saam spoke with Banking Clan senator Nix Card and Trade Federation Senator Lott Dod. Saam told them that he tried to push the bill, but Card knew that it was unlikely the senate would deregulate the banks. Saam thought the problem was Naboo senator Padmé Amidala, but instead suggested that Coruscant should be attacked to force the senate to deregulate the banks.[1]

After the Separatist Senate voted to open peace talks with the Republic, Saam and his supporters were shocked to hear of this development. Saam said that they needed war to make profits for themselves. They were assured when Count Dooku told them that chances of peace would disappear after their attack. During the senate's vote on the peace initiative, Saam and his supporters were surprised that Dooku's attack was late. However, when the power went out, all the senators believed they were under attack. Saam then told the senate that the attack was confirmed to have been carried out by the Separatists and demanded that they pay. Thus, the Senate deregulated the banks.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Gume Saam first appeared in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.

Saam was voiced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars by Phil LaMarr, also the voice of Senators Bail Organa and Orn Free Taa. In the credits for "Heroes on Both Sides," he was mistakenly identified as "Gume Sam."



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