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"'Gundark'—through extensive contacts—has been a major arms dealer, specializing in military-grade weapons and explosives. The apprehension and incarceration of this criminal should be made a top priority."
CorSec evaluation of Gundark[src]

Gundark was the alias of an arms dealer who led his own arms ring and published the illegal datalog Gundark's Gear Datalog. He operated primarily in the Outer Rim, having been spotted on Elshandruu Pica, in the Minos Cluster, and the Parmic sector. Gundark dealt in military weapons, military explosives, and stolen goods, and was suspected of having been involved with Black Sun at one time. His heavy build suggested a background on a high-gravity world, and his face was concealed at all times by a sunvisor or goggles.


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