"Lieutenant Gundo, Eighty-sixth Infantry. You're here just in time. We've got Imperial forces massing outside."
―Lieutenant Gundo[1]

Gundo was a male Mirialan who served as a lieutenant in the Republic Army's Eighty-sixth Infantry during the Cold War and Galactic War with the resurgent Sith Empire. By 3642 BBY, Gundo was stationed at a research facility on the planet Quesh alongside the Jedi Padawan and former Dark Council member Sajar. When Quesh was invaded and the facility attacked by Imperial forces, Gundo led his detachment in the defense of the facility, with the help of the Jedi Knight known as the Hero of Tython, to prevent the Imperial Military from capturing Sajar.


"My engineers jury-rigged some ray shields, but it'll take time to seal the base. Unless you people hold the main entrance, we're dead."
―Lieutenant Gundo explains the situation to the Knight[1]

A male Mirialan, Gundo had enlisted in the Republic Army and risen to the rank of lieutenant in the Eighty-sixth Infantry[1] by the year 3642 BBY.[2] During the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, Gundo was stationed on the planet Quesh, where his detachment guarded a Republic research facility that studied Quesh's environment in hopes of improving the planet's production of adrenals. Gundo's men were joined by the Jedi Padawan Sajar, who had been a member of the Sith Empire's ruling Dark Council in the previous war before he was convinced to abandon the dark side by the Jedi Master Tol Braga. Braga had sent his Padawan to the relatively peaceful Quesh so that the Human could meditate on the Force while still serving the Republic, but Quesh was invaded by the Empire[1] in 3642 BBY.[2]

The Adrenal Research Facility

Gundo's men captured several Imperial scouts while defending the facility, and the prisoners were brought to Sajar for interrogation. However, Sajar succumbed to anger and killed the prisoners, and the Padawan lied to Gundo about his hand in their deaths when asked. But some of the Imperial forces located the research facility and approached the base, causing Sajar to confront their commander and telekinetically hurl the bodies at the enemy. The Imperial officer recognized Sajar and warned the former Sith that the Emperor's Wrath was coming for him—the Sith Emperor's personal executioner, Lord Scourge. To Gundo's dismay, Sajar retreated and refused to fight the enemy for fear of returning to the dark side, and the Lieutenant was forced to prepare the base for attack himself.[1]

At Gundo's orders, the Eighty-sixth's engineers jury-rigged several ray shields that could seal the base, but there was not enough time to set up the devices. While his engineers scrambled to set up the defenses, Gundo was relieved when a second Jedi arrived—the Jedi Knight known as the Hero of Tython, who had been sent by Sajar's Master to investigate after Sajar stopped answering Braga's communications. The Hero and a companion spoke to the Padawan and learned the reasoning behind Sajar's reluctance to fight or speak with Braga, but Gundo interrupted the Jedi's conversation with news on the base's situation. Informing the Hero about the defenses, the Lieutenant asked for both the Knight and Sajar's help in defending the main entrance so that his engineers could finish setting up the ray shields.[1]

Gundo activates the shields.

Deciding not to risk the possibility of Sajar falling to the dark side, the Hero ordered the former Sith to help the engineers in setting up the ray shields, and the Knight and a companion rushed to the defense of the facility. As the pair steadily fought their way back to the main entrance and eliminated the Imperial attackers in their path, Gundo secured the other entrances with his men before rushing to aid the Jedi. Just as the Lieutenant reached the main entrance with the Hero, he was alerted by his engineers that the ray shields were ready, and Gundo immediately activated them from a nearby console. Excited by their victory, Gundo assured the Knight that his unit would be able to hold out until reinforcements arrived—but he was interrupted by motion outside the shield.[1]

To both Gundo and the Knight's surprise, a Sith Pureblood—the Emperor's Wrath—approached the shield and exchanged several cryptic comments with the Hero before departing. Relieved that the threat had ended for now, Gundo thanked the Knight and reported that, according to his engineers, Sajar's help had allowed them to get the ray shields up in half the time. The Lieutenant remained at his post near the entrance while the Knight went to speak with Sajar, and he continued to guard the research facility with the rest of the Eighty-sixth Infantry detachment even after Sajar departed to the Jedi homeworld of Tython to meet with his Master about his brush with the dark side.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"We're out of time—Imperials are coming through! Defend the main entrance!"
―Gundo commands his troops in battle[1]

Lieutenant Gundo

An olive-skinned Mirialan male with black hair, pink eyes, and black facial tattoos,[1] Gundo was one of many members of his species who served in the Republic Military in the aftermath of the Great Galactic War.[3] Gundo was a calm soldier and a competent commander in battle, and when the situation was tense he did not waste words. When the Hero of Tython arrived during the fighting, Gundo took the Knight's entrance in stride and immediately treated the Jedi as another strategic asset—asking the Hero to help defend the main entrance without even questioning the stranger's identity.[1]


As a member of the Eighty-sixth Infantry, Gundo wore white and grey armor with gold markings and a pauldron on his left shoulder. He also carried a standard-issue blaster rifle, though he chose to forgo a helmet in combat.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Gundo first appeared in the Jedi Knight mission "The Emperor's Wrath" in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a video game released by BioWare and LucasArts. The mission features one major alignment choice: what to allow Sajar to do during the battle. The player will gain dark-side points if they force Sajar to fight, as his fall to the dark side will accelerate while fighting, but they gain light-side points if they tell him to stay behind or to help the engineers.[1]


Notes and references[]

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