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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Doctor Aphra 24: The Catastrophe Con, Part V. Caution is advised.

"Gundravian hookspores! It's the most exquisitely infectious saprophyte there is!"
―Lopset Yas[src]

Gundravian hookspores were a type of extremely infectious, damage-resistant fungus.


Becoming sentient

"My guess? The swarm got psychically imprinted with some Jedi's hero complex—crush evil, uphold justice, all that—before he clocked out. Been stuck here ever since. Probing, testing, judging."
―Chelli Aphra[src]

A swarm of gundravian hookspores possessed a Jedi, and for several years both the Jedi and the hookspores coexisted in the same body. Eventually, the Jedi died in a Penumbra-1 shattersprite,[2] the wreckage of which ended up as part of the wreckage-prison Accresker Jail, where the hookspores merged with the Jedi's corpse and gained a form of sentience. In the prison, the hookspores were able to appear as a Force spirit and use the Force on objects.[1] Stuck on the jail, the hookspores killed several of the imprisoned convicts in the name of justice, having been psychically imprinted with the personality of the Jedi.[2]


"Hookspores! A colony of hookspores! Super infectious! It's growing right inside the jail! I-i-it'll infect us all and never stop!"
―Chelli Aphra, while under interrogation[src]

The hookspores were discovered by Chelli Aphra and Lopset Yas during an escape attempt in the middle of an attack on a pirate station, after the Force spirit led Aphra to the wreckage of the Jedi's ship. Yas recognized the fungus, and he and Aphra both frantically shot at it with their blasters. The hookspores retreated, revealing the Jedi's corpse, along with their lightsaber, but Aphra and Yas were forced to return to the prison before they could investigate further. Aphra was later interrogated using a bor gullet, and revealed the existence of the hookspores.[1]

Force spirit kills several

The Force spirit rampages on the prisoners

Once the Accresker command was made aware of the infection, they evacuated the prison of all its staff and decommissioned it, sending it on a collision trajectory[1] with the planet Tiferep Major. As the convicts aboard the prison began to riot and fight each other, the Force spirit of the hookspores rampaged, killing several prisoners. After breaking into the Arquitens-class command cruiser that pulled the wreckage-prison, Aphra lowered the gravity of Accresker Jail, bringing the hookspore-infected wreckage closer to her. The Force-infested hookspores briefly possessed Aphra, Yas, Sana Starros and Magna Tolvan in search of a heroic individual to infect, but rejected all four of them, preventing them from entering the wreckage. Aphra attempted to break the fungus, wanting to retrieve the Jedi's lightsaber, but was unable to.[2]


"What is that?"
"Eh. It's your basic flash-frozen psychic biohazard desperate for a physical host body, which—…actually, y'know what? Don't worry about it."
―Tam Posla and Chelli Aphra[src]
Hookspores frozen

The hookspores are frozen as they attempt to merge with Tam Posla

As Accresker Jail continued to descend toward Tiferep Major, Tam Posla, who Aphra had tricked into rescuing her, arrived at the prison. The hookspores sensed his presence, and began to search for him so they could use him as its new host. While Tam Posla was speaking with Aphra, the hookspores approached him from behind. Tolvan activated a coolant grille nearby, which froze the hookspores in place before they could reach Posla. The frozen hookspores were unable to move or possess Posla, who then left the prison. Shortly before Accresker Jail collided with Tiferep Major, it was stopped by a tractor beam due to the arrival of Darth Vader. The sudden deceleration caused the hookspores to crash into the machinery that had frozen them, breaking them out of the ice.[3]


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