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Gungan High Council

The High Council in 32 BBY.

The Gungan High Council was the governing body of the Gungan society, under the leadership of a Boss. In the years prior to and following the Battle of Naboo, Rugor Nass was head of the High Council.

The primary membership of the High Council comprised Reps, who worked with the Boss to determine policies and maintain order. For this reason, the High Council was sometimes known as the Rep Council. The Council met in the High Tower Boardroom in Otoh Gunga, though for a time after the Invasion of Naboo, it was forced to meet in the Gungan Sacred Place. The Council assembled as and when the current Boss wished to discuss important matters, and Reps were personally chosen by the Boss.

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Gungan Councilor

A member of the council during the Rebellion era.

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