"Yousa not safe? Wesa tinken' dat's bombad!"
―motto on Gungan Security's sign[src]

Gungan Security was a for-hire security company founded by Gungans living on Cularin. They were not always taken seriously, but their reputation for quiet competence made them a very successful company in a short time. Some of its employees included Broof Yurdel and Aervis Wint.

The offices of Gungan Security were located in a white building with a highly polished trim located next to a Metatheran Cartel warehouse. A neon sign depicting a Gungan wielding a heavy blaster hung over the door. Above the Gungan was the company's name, and below him a motto in Gunganese dialect.

When the Cularin resistance formed against the Metatheran Cartel, Broof Yurdel and his entire twelve-person night shift disappeared to join them. They did not have any active clients at the time, and they completed their logs before they left. Losing an entire shift placed an enormous strain on the rest of the company, however, and the company's ability to keep working was placed in doubt.


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