Gungans practicing sling painting in the Theed Coliseum

"The stands are packed! The crowd is crazy! The Gungans are ready with their slings!"
―The slingshot announcer[src]

Gungan sling painting was a performance art and a crowd-pleasing sport practiced by the Gungans,[1] a species of intelligent amphibians hailing from the planet Naboo.[2] Individuals engaging in this practice used slings to throw off balls of liquid paint and color various objects, including dancing astromech droids. The Gungan performers grew their natural "paint balls" in their underwater city of Otoh Gunga.[1] In 32 BBY,[3] four members of the Gungan Sling Brigade made a demonstration of this art in the Theed Coliseum, to honor the victory of the unified peoples of Naboo—Gungans and Human inhabitants—against the Trade Federation's invasion.[1]

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The painting of dancing droids with slings was one of the six activities featured in Star Wars: Early Learning Activity Center, a children's video game released in 2000 by Lucas Learning.[1]

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