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"I am saving you the trouble of embarrassing yourself with all the meesa meesa bantha poodoo. Just don't."
―Aro N'cookaala, to Han Solo[src]

Gunganese,[1] also known as Old Gungan,[2] was the native language of the Gungans, an amphibious species from Naboo. In practice, the Gungans often used a pidgin tongue that combined Galactic Basic with Gunganese words and speech patterns.[1] Although stereotyped as exclusively using the pidgin, some Gungans, like Aro N'cookaala, spoke perfect Basic.[3]


"There be some bombad clankens coming this way."
"Yeah-- What? Bombad Clankens?"
Jar Jar Binks and Clone Commander Stone[src]

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In Star Wars Legends sources, the term "Gunganese" was applied to the Gungan-accented pidgin Basic rather than the native Gungan language, which in turn was referred to as "Old Gungan."[6]



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