"On my pad, half a sure thing's better than twice o' nothin'."
―Gunner Groth[src]

Gunner Groth, alias Dengar Roth (or joky alias Gunnar Roth), was a low-grade bounty hunter.


Though more suited to guarding minor crime bosses or tracking down debtors, Groth sought grander quarry, the criminals on the Galactic Empire's Locate and Detain List. He carried an identification naming him as Dengar, hoping to use that hunter's notoriety to scare his targets and to obtain higher bounties from Imperials.[1]

Groth managed to locate Mara Jade on the planet Rishi. Thinking she'd be easy prey, and that she could lead him to Talon Karrde's entire organization, he lured Jade into a trap, killing an unfortunate bystander to create the illusion of a clumsy, amateur ambush. Unfortunately for him, Jade was able to use the Force to turn the tables on him, killing him.[1][2]

His body was not discovered for several hours.[1]



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