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"I needed a decoy; he was wanderin' around the wrong place at the wrong time. End o' story."
―Gunner Groth[src]

When bounty hunter Gunner Groth attempted to capture Mara Jade on the planet Rishi in 9 ABY, he used a decoy to aid in the attempt. Groth coerced the man's involvement through means unknown, implied to be some form of threat.

The decoy, wearing a blue scarf and a green tunic with a pattern of black lines, stood outside of Talon Karrde's headquarters and allowed himself to be seen by Jade. Once this was accomplished, he led her toward the more sparsely-populated northern end of the city, which mainly consisted of industrial areas. He accomplished both goals set out for him by Groth; not only to lead Jade in the desired direction, but to do so obviously and clumsily, tricking the quarry into believing she was dealing with just a rank amateur.

The decoy reached the previously designated area, but unfortunately, Groth no longer had any use for him, not alive at any rate, and the bounty hunter killed him by unknown means. His corpse, propped up to look alive, served one final instance as decoy, luring Jade into the trap.

His murderer did not escape, however, as Mara Jade was able to summon enough of her latent Force-sensitivity to overpower and kill Groth. After taking his ID and a datacard, she left his body laying next to that of his final victim.


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