Gurdun was an official of the Galactic Empire who took charge of several technological projects during the last years of Palpatine's reign. He held the rank of Supervisor.


The first project Gurdun is known to have supervised was the creation of advanced assassin droid prototypes at Holowan Laboratories. Financial support was arranged by himself, namely by misappropriating funds from other military programs. Upon completion, they were to be delivered to himself personally. This project ended badly, however, when the four IG-88 prototypes, together with IG-72, killed Chief Technician Loruss and nearly everyone else in the facility before escaping. When Gurdun arrived at Holowan Laboratories and discovered the disaster, he initially raged at the loss of property, property he considered vital for his own career. Then, realizing the danger they posed, he sent a "dismantle on sight" order out for all five IG units. Despite this order, IG-88 became a successful bounty hunter.[1]

Two months later, after the Imperial droid hunt had met with no success, he was assigned to a new project. Darth Vader himself ordered Gurdun to ensure production of the Viper probe droids needed for Vader's search for the Rebel headquarters. Ironically, the droid factories on Mechis III which were producing the probe droids had already been taken over by IG-88. Gurdun remained unaware of this, even when he and Vader visited Mechis III in person.[1]

Afterward, Gurdun was given what would turn out to be his final assignment. With his former assistant, Minor Relsted, taking his old position on Coruscant, Gurdun was put in charge of the acquisition and delivery of the computer cores for the second Death Star. However, IG-88A hijacked the convoy carrying the computer cores, killed Gurdun's stormtrooper escort, and replaced the computer cores with a duplicate containing his own consciousness. Dragged before the rogue droid, Gurdun begged for his life, citing his crucial financial role in IG-88's creation. The rogue droid paused, thanked him, and left. Gurdun was killed shortly after, when incendiary mines the attackers had deployed aboard his crippled freighter detonated, destroying it completely.[1]

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Gurdun was an overweight Human, who usually wore a uniform with wide, padded shoulders and a girdle to cinch in his belly. He had a weak chin, dark hair which he greased with perfumed oils, and a large nose. Gurdun wanted to get cosmetic surgery on his nose, but due to the state of his finances, he was never able to do so.[1]



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