"You treated my whole family. For a stomach disorder caused by a poison you gave them as medicine! You gutted them one by one like so many fish. Seven people! None of them survived. No, I don't want money for you. This is purely for revenge!"
―Gurion Silizzar, to Doctor Evazan[2]

Gurion Silizzar was a Human male bounty hunter. Seven of his relatives had perished at the hands of Doctor Cornelius Evazan, causing Silizzar to seek revenge against him. He and five other family members went after Evazan, eventually locating him on the planet Ando. Silizzar was able to infiltrate his castle, and disarmed the doctor, planning on leading him up to the rooftop, where the group's starship was waiting. Silizzar wanted Evazan to be placed on trial for his crimes, but was willing to kill him if he attempted to flee. However, the doctor's pet Meduza, Rover, attacked Silizzar, distracting him. Though the bounty hunter then tried to strangle Evazan, the doctor was able to break loose of his grip and throw Silizzar off the castle edge, killing him, while Evazan was able to escape.


"I'm not after bounty. My family name is Silizzar."
―Gurion Silizzar, to Doctor Evazan[2]

Doctor Evazan

Gurion Silizzar, also known as "Gur," was a Human male bounty hunter. Seven of his relatives had been killed by Doctor Cornelius Evazan by the time of the First Battle of Tatooine in 0 BBY. Believed by many to be insane, Evazan was searching for a way to allow one to live forever, and frequently tested his experiments on unwitting subjects. The doctor had given Silizzar's relatives a poison, ostensibly as medicine. This caused them to become ill, allowing Evazan to operate on them. The doctor then proceeded to butcher the seven beings, killing all of them.[2]

Silizzar was enraged by this news, and sought revenge. At some point, he learned that Evazan was on Ando, where he continued to research immortality, a project now funded by an Andoan senator. Determined to get revenge on Evazan, Silizzar and five other family members[3] headed for Ando. They were able to find the castle, located on an isolated isle. Three of the team members, wearing individual field disruptors, were able to penetrate the protective field surrounding the castle and make their way into the dining room just as Evazan was eating with his benefactor, the Andoan senator. However, Evazan had been alerted to the intruders by his pet Meduza, Rover, and was able to swiftly react. He shot and killed one intruder while Rover and Evazan's partner, Ponda Baba, killed the others.[2]

Waiting outside on a ledge, Silizzar heard of the trio's deaths, reacting with disappointment over the failure of the plan. He contacted the other two members of his team on a starship high above the castle through his comlink, informing them that the plan had failed. Though the other two wanted to pick up Silizzar and leave rather than risk further deaths, Silizzar refused, insisting that he had a plan. He made his way down to the castle's gate, and sent a message up to the castle, claiming that his aquaspeeder had broken down, and that he wanted a lift. He was also wearing a holoshroud, which caused him to appear as muscled and handsome, rather than his true thin build. Silizzar believed—accurately—that Evazan was seeking a healthy, handsome Human male to transfer his consciousness into using a special machine, allowing him to escape his scarred and disfigured body.[2]

Evazan allowed Silizzar to enter into the castle's foyer and then shot him with a stun blast from a security system, apparently knocking Silizzar unconscious. After transferring Baba's consciousness into the unwitting senator's body, Evazan went to move Silizzar's body to his laboratory for the transfer. When he attempted to lift the body, he found that his hand went through the man's chest, revealing him to be wearing a holoshroud. Silizzar quickly reacted, punching Evazan and drawing a thermal detonator, while he also deactivated the holoshroud, replacing the image of the larger man with that of Silizzar's true appearance. He then ordered Evazan to drop his blaster, as he had the detonator triggered and warned the doctor that if Evazan shot him, he would die in the subsequent explosion. Cowed, the doctor relented and dropped his blaster.[2]

When Evazan tried to bargain with Silizzar, claiming that he would pay him a large sum of money if the bounty hunter would release him, Silizzar explained that he was after revenge, not money, telling Evazan of his family members that the doctor had killed. The two made their way to the roof, where the starship was expected pick them up and take Evazan back to a planet where he could be tried for all the beings he had killed. Though Silizzar stated that he would rather have Evazan face the law, he also said that if the doctor attempted to attack him, he would set off the thermal detonator, which would kill both of them. On the rooftop, Evazan tried to bargain with Silizzar a second time, who continued to refuse any offers of money, claiming that he only wanted justice.[2]

Silizzar was unaware that Evazan was now trying to stall, as Rover had followed the two to the roof, and was preparing to attack the bounty hunter. Silizzar spotted the creature immediately before it attacked him and managed to avoid being swallowed by the Meduza. However, it was able to shock him with a bolt of electricity, causing him to drop the thermal detonator. Before Rover could strike again, Silizzar lunged for Evazan, intent on strangling him. Evazan was able to shake Silizzar off and send the bounty hunter plummeting over the edge to his death while the doctor managed to avoid falling.[2]

Meanwhile, the Andoan senator, whose consciousness Evazan had mistakenly transferred into Baba's body, appeared on the rooftop. Enraged over the loss of his senatorial duties and social status, he set off the thermal detonator. Evazan was saved by Rover, who cushioned the blow from the explosion. Although the Meduza was killed, the doctor managed to cheat death once again. Silizzar's compatriots witnessed the explosion from overhead and, unaware that Silizzar had been killed by Evazan, assumed that the bounty hunter had sacrificed himself to kill Evazan. The ship then fled the scene.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"I'd rather take you back to stand trial for all the other beings you've murdered. But I won't hesitate to finish it right here!"
―Gurion Silizzar, to Doctor Evazan[2]

Silizzar was determined to get revenge for the deaths of his relatives, and was even willing to risk his own life to bring Evazan to justice. Though he wanted to bring the doctor alive so that he could stand trial, he was willing to kill Evazan—and himself—if necessary. The Human was clever, effectively utilizing a holoshroud to gain entrance into Evazan's fortress, as he had guessed that disguising himself as a handsome, muscular man would entice Evazan into inviting him inside in hopes of gaining his body.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Gurion Silizzar appeared in the short story Doctor Death: The Tale of Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba, written by Kenneth C. Flint and published in the 1995 book Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina. He later received brief mentions in The Essential Guide to Characters and The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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