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Gurney was the generic term used to describe a mobile platform or other form of medical conveyance.


These devices were used to transport injured beings from the site of an accident to a medical facility. A gurney equipped with repulsorlift technology was alternately referred to as a gravstretcher, antigrav gurney, or hover-gurney.[source?] A device with a similar function, the medical cocoon, was enclosed rather than open.


When Valin Horn became mentally unbound, healer Cilghal strapped him to a repulsor gurney and sent him to the neurology ward of the Jedi Medical Corps Infirmary.

An advanced medical capsule was used to transport a severely burned Darth Vader from the lava fields of Mustafar and later into the EmPal SuRecon center. This may or may not be considered a gurney.

Behind the scenesEdit

The in-universe origin of the term "gurney" is not known, but a human male by that name worked at a medical facility on Taris circa 3956 BBY. In fact, the real-world term owes its name to J. Theodore Gurney.



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