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"Of course, young Krix, it's simply that the politics on the ground here in Coronet City are incredibly—"
"That's why Sabata is handling everything here and on Gus Talon! You've seen how good she is at this stuff!"
Respriler and Krix Kamerat[3]

Gus Talon was a moon of the planet Corellia.[1] During the High Republic Era, the Nihil marauder organization undertook a plan that involved operations on Corellia as well as Gus Talon, which would be overseen by Sabata Krill, a member of the cell led by Krix Kamerat.[3] Part of the plan was to distract the Jedi and CorSec to going to Gus Talon though a union dispute in order for the Nihil to seize ships from the Santhe Shipyards.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

Gus Talon was originally introduced in the Star Wars Legends continuity in "Lucky," a story appearing in the twenty-third issue of the comic anthology series Star Wars Tales, which was written by Rob Williams, illustrated by Michel Lacombe, and published by Dark Horse Comics[4] on May 11, 2005.[5] In the current Star Wars canon, Gus Talon first appeared in the eleventh issue of the comic series Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures, written by Daniel José Older, illustrated by Harvey Tolibao, and published by IDW Publishing[3] on December 1, 2021.[6]


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