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The Gus Treta Inner-System Market Station was a space station that orbited Gus Treta, one of the three moons of the planet Corellia. It made one full orbit five times a day, or once every 4.8 hours. It was noted for providing a wealth of services to the five worlds that were its neighbors. The station started life as the wreckage of the Xim's Scion, a pirate cruiser destroyed in a skirmish with the Corellian Security Force several centuries before the Battle of Yavin. A group of enterprising Corellians towed the forward 250-meter portion of the cruiser into an elliptical orbit around Gus Treta, and converted into a refueling depot and market over the following years. When he purchased the station, the Hutt Gormo Vosadii Grasso worked with the Scion's builders Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. to stack modular expansions atop the station.[1]

Jagged Antilles and his wife Zena owned and operated a fuel depot on the station, and Wedge Antilles' early life was split attending school on Corellia and working aboard the Gus Treta with his family.[1]

The station was nearly destroyed in 4 BBY when the Bonestar Pirate Loka Hask, who was trying to escape from CorSec, purposely lifted off while the refueling lines were still attached his ship, Buzzzer. The resulting explosion threatened to destroy the Gus Treta. Most of the space station was ultimately destroyed, but some portions were saved thanks to Jagged and Zena, who sacrificed themselves to limit the destruction of the station and save those aboard.[1]



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