"Boom, boom."
―Boom, a Guudrian pyromaniac[1]

Guudrians were a species of sentient beings from the Guudria system. Each Guudrian was distinguished by a warty, wrinkled face, a short snout, and a wild mane of hair. Their eyes sported a pattern of black checks. Although their teeth were blunt, Guudrians had clawed fingers. Members of the species emigrated into the greater galaxy by 4 ABY, when a Guudrian known as Boom joined the crew of the New Republic corvette FarStar. Although they were relatively unknown away from their home in Wild Space, Guudrians could nevertheless utilize technology on par with that of the rest of the galaxy.

Biology and appearance[]

Guudrians were a sentient species much smaller than Duros and Humans,[2] moving about in a stooped posture.[6] At least one member of the species] had pale, yellow skin and fiery red hair that formed a mane around the head and continued down the jowls. Each Guudrian had a flattened tube with twin openings lying atop the skull and running back into the hair, giving the impression of a receding hairline. The Guudrian countenance was marked by two large eyes that were covered in patterns of black checks. Clusters of wart-like bumps and patterns of wrinkles roiled the high forehead, the thick brow, and the knob-like snout. That blunt muzzle extended for a short distance from the rest of the visage, terminating in a single depression at its center. Below that lay a wide mouth full of blunt, white teeth, lilac gums, and a glaucous tongue. Clawlike nails tipped the fingers.[3]

Society and culture[]

The Guudrians spoke their own language—which at least Duros could learn to understand—and they were capable of mastering at least some words of Basic. They could learn to operate galactic-standard technology;[1] for example, a Guudrian known by the nickname Boom was skilled in using explosives for demolition purposes.[6]


The Guudrians hailed from the Guudria system, a star system in Wild Space[4][5] that was known to at least some members of the greater galaxy by the founding of the New Republic in 4 ABY.[7] The species was scarcely known in the galaxy at large, where few sentients recognized them by either appearance or name.[6]

At least one Guudrian, nicknamed Boom, had left the system by 4 ABY. He teamed up with a Duros gunner named Krudar to travel the galaxy as freelance starship gunners and members of a pirate crew[6] before Krudar talked them both onto the crew of a New Republic CR90 corvette known as the FarStar.[1] Boom was infatuated with fire and explosions to the point of mania. Others found his demeanor odd, as he perpetually muttered to himself and occasionally exclaimed, "Boom!" His fetish for flames extended to burning other people's property as well.[8] By the time the FarStar reached the Kathol Rift, the Guudrian's antics had worn on the nerves of both Krudar and the rest of the crew;[2] nevertheless, he proved his worth by serving as part of a team that placed charges on asteroids in the Kathol system to create an artificial meteor shower on the planet Kathol and thus masked the FarStar's descent to the world's surface.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

The Guudrian species was created by Peter M. Schweighofer as part of the backstory for the character Boom,[10] introduced as a playable character in The DarkStryder Campaign boxed set published by West End Games in 1995 for its Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. Artist Mike Vilardi illustrated Boom for the character cards included in the set. Boom's statistics indicate that Guudrians receive no significant bonuses or penalties compared to other species in the game except for a slight reduction in running speed.[3] In 2009, authors Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry included the Guudria system in The Essential Atlas, published by Del Rey.[11]



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