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"My name is my own business, and my business, is taking what's ours."
―Gwarm to Sugi — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Gwarm was a red- and yellow-faced Weequay pirate who was second-in-command in Hondo Ohnaka's pirate gang during the Clone Wars. He carried a Weequay blaster lance with a vibrodagger mounted on the front of the weapon.



Gwarm threatens Sugi and the farmers

In 22 BBY,[2] Gwarm was part of Ohnaka's band of pirates that traveled to Felucia to extort a portion of the valuable crop of nysillin from a community of Felucian farmers. Gwarm and his cohorts came against more than they bargained for when they found themselves going up against not just the simple farmers, but also four bounty hunters, hired by the farmers to protect them, and three Jedi who had crash landed on the planet and found their way to the farm. Towards the end of the skirmish, Gwarm noticed their leader, Hondo Ohnaka, hanging off a cliff at the mercy of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. He called for an immediate retreat to go and rescue Ohnaka, forcing the pirates to leave empty handed.

In 20 BBY, Gwarm was part of a group of Ohnaka Gang pirates that attacked a ship full of Jedi Initiates in order to steal their lightsaber crystals. He was later present when General Grievous showed up on Florrum to seize Hondo's assets. He was convinced by Ahsoka Tano to join forces with her and the younglings and helped to reach Hondo's cell, where he was afforded an opportunity to witness something few outside the Jedi Order ever saw: the construction of a lightsaber, which Initiate Katooni demonstrated while the pirates watched in awe. After fighting their way through various battle droids to reach Hondo's hidden starship warehouse, the pirates picked up the remaining Jedi in the repainted Slave I before transporting them to Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi's new flagship, where they were handsomely compensated before returning to Florrum.

Personality and traitsEdit

Gwarm was loyal to Hondo but somewhat clueless as he is unable to figure out that the younglings the band was looking for were in the ventilation systems when the rest of the ship was deserted.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gwarm was voiced by Gregory Baldwin, who also voiced Casiss and Seripas in the same episode.




Gwarm holds Ahsoka Tano and a group of Jedi Initiates captive

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