Gwerax-hai were a tusked, reptilian species of predators native to the planet Veron. Localized in the planet's rain forests, the gwerax-hai were agile, yet slow and measured on average four meters in length.[1]

Appearance and BiologyEdit

They had a thin torso, with small heads sitting atop a short, squat neck. They had long, curved and very sharp tusks up to 0.6 meters long. They had a long, very thin tail which helped their balance while maneuvering in the trees. Their brown and green coloration camouflaged them in the forests.

Culture and SocietyEdit

The Gwerax-hai hunted in small groups and tried to surround their prey by quietly climbing through the trees of Veron's forest. Once they injured a creature, they would tenaciously track it through the forests until it had been killed. They lived in groups called "skulks," with five to 15 members. The females cared for the young and the males hunted.

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