"Imagine to see their faces—if they [are] still alive—when Tooqui, the very same Tooqui they [have] mocked and dirided, [shows] up to rescue-save their sorry short-tailed ugly behinds! Tooqui [will] show them! Tooqui [will] show them all."
―Tooqui harbors delusions of grandeur, musing on his planned heroics of rescuing the clanless Ansionians Kyakhta and Bulgan.[src]

Gwurrans were a shorter, furry subspecies of Ansionians. The main difference, beyond having fur (which was brown to grey, with unique patterns that covered their entire bodies, not just their manes), was that their tails were as long as a Human's arm (whereas the Ansionian's was short and stubby) and their eyes were slightly larger proportionately. Tooqui was a Gwurran.

Looked down upon by other Ansionians, Gwurrans spoke a pidgin dialect of Ansionian and lived in the hills of Ansion/Legends. They habitually stole the food of people passing through the hills.

Their deities included Miywondl and Kapchenaga.

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