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"I have a deep-space communication of first priority for Governor Bin Essada on territorial administrative world Gyndine."

Gyndine was a planet in the Expansion Region. It was a local administrative center, and had mid-sized, advanced shipyards.


Gyndine was located in the Circarpous sector of the Expansion Region, at the intersection of Nanth'ri Route and the Ootmian Pabol.[5] At galactic scale, it was considered as a world of secondary importance.[2] Gyndine was an administrative world[12] and the capital of the sector.[15][6] The planet was known for its prosperous grain markets and for the native ethersquid creatures.[7] The planet possessed its own but modest shipyards,[2][7] where Kuat Drive Yards conducted research and development.[6]


Old Republic era[]

Gyndine was discovered during the Great Manifest Period, that lasted from 20,000 BBY to 17,000 BBY.[5] It later joined the Galactic Republic and by 17,000 BBY it was part of the Exploitation Region. During the Alsakan Conflicts, it supported Coruscant.[11]

During the last year of the Great Sith War, Gyndine was the site of a battle in which the Galactic Republic was victorious. Millennia later, Jedi were victorious at Gyndine during a battle of the New Sith Wars.[5]

Rise of the Empire[]

"Recently disclosed documents and testimony from a captured Thalassian slaver on Gyndine have implicated four Outer Rim Senators as profiting from slaving ventures in their sectors."
HoloNet News[src]

During the last decades of the Old Republic, the planet was de jure a Republic world but de facto controlled by the Hutts who maintained an economic domination on the planet.[5][16]

Prior to the Clone Wars, in 22 BBY, a slaving operation was uncovered in the city of Yractos on Gyndine, where a Thalassian slaver was attempting to sell twelve Twi'lek slaves. During plea bargain sessions with the slaver, Jurisconsult Temlet Dodann uncovered evidence that four Outer Rim senators had also been involved with the slavers.[9] Before her discovery by Anakin Skywalker, the astromech R4-P17 was almost destroyed in an industrial accident involving a trash compactor[17][18][19] in the KDY research shipyards in orbit of the planet.[17]

At the beginning of the Clone Wars, the Gyndine system sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[5] However the planet returned under Republic control during the conflict. In 21 BBY, the Galactic Republic opened a droid reclamation plant in the industrial sector of Gyndine. Captured or damaged Separatist battle droids were analysed there in order to recover valuable information before being melted down for raw materials.[10]

Galactic Civil War[]

During the Imperial Period, Gyndine was a fortress world[6] and the headquarters of Imperial Governor Bin Essada,[12][6] whose responsibilities included the entire Circarpous sector.[6] During this period, the passenger liner Queen of Empire used to travel to Gyndine.[20][21]

By 4 ABY, the planet was still an Imperial fortress world but the Empire eventually abandoned the planet in 6 ABY, after the Battle of Reytha. Gyndine joined the New Republic sometime between 6 ABY and 7 ABY. It was a New Republic stronghold during the Hunt for Zsinj and the Thrawn campaign.[5]

The planet surrendered to the Empire during Operation Shadow Hand.[5] During the Imperial Civil War in 10 ABY, Gyndine protected itself by becoming a fortress world. It guarded itself with a powerful planetary shield and maintained a defense fleet of thirty starships.[22][23] The planet later joined the New Republic.[23]

Yuuzhan Vong War[]

"For allowing this to happen, we are all diminished. While I number myself among those who in the end voted against dispatching a force of suitable might to safeguard Gyndine, I wish to reiterate the remarks I made during the arguments preceding that regrettable decision. By all but surrendering worlds like Gyndine, we reinforce widespread conviction that the New Republic is interested only in protecting the Core, and in doing so we play into the enemy's hand by weakening ourselves from within."
Etahn A'baht[2]

The Battle of Gyndine.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the planet agreed to accept refugees, only to be attacked and conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong. During the battle, the extragalactic invaders deployed Fire Breathers which burned Gyndine's forests and boiled its lakes. Futhermore, the orbital shipyards were destroyed by the invaders.[2] The Yuuzhan Vong also captured several capital ships in dry dock and gave them to the collaborationist Peace Brigade.[24]

As the war went on, Thorsh, a Jenet intelligence agent, infiltrated Yuuzhan Vong facilities on Gyndine to gather information.[13] The New Republic later raided the world in order to train new recruits in preparation for the decisive Battle of Ebaq.[25] Just before the end of the war, the New Republic's successor state, the Galactic Alliance, failed to liberate the planet.[13] However, Boba Fett and his Mandalorian Protectors, whom he had taken command of following the death of Fenn Shysa, later launched an assault on the once more-verdant Gyndine. Deploying Meteor-class Q-Carriers and Pursuer Enforcement Ships from a Mandalorian dungeon ship,[26] they were able to reclaim the world from its conquerors.[13] After the war, Gyndine's surface remained barren and abandoned for years.[23]

Legacy era[]

"Bothans have sent a task force to destroy or capture the shipyards here."
Han Solo[3]

In the years following the Yuuzhan Vong War, Tendrando Arms owned a refueling and repair station in orbit of Gyndine. In 40 ABY, during the Second Galactic Civil War, Gyndine's shipyard facilities, under the control of the Galactic Alliance, were assaulted by a Confederation-aligned Bothan task force and damaged. In the chaos, Lando Calrissian was able to evacuate his refueling station's crew, who managed to board escape pods and get to the safety of Gyndine's surface.[3] The New Jedi Order later used the Tendrando Refueling and Repair Station as a rendezvous point prior to the Battle of Centerpoint Station.[27]

By 137 ABY, Gyndine was under the control of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The well-known 1978 blueprints by Geoffrey Mandel name Gyndine as the site of the shipyard where the prototype of the "Star Destroyer Imperator Class" was built, but it is unclear whether these plans were an official publication.



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