"But since you don't seem to be able to pay, I have little choice but to bring your head back to Boss Gyuti. Black Sun demands money or blood, bounty hunter. Will it be blood? There is a bounty on your head."
―Underboss Rynscar[src]

Gyuti[2] was a male[1] individual who was a Boss in the Black Sun criminal syndicate. Underboss Rynscar was one of Gyuti's underlings, and captured the bounty hunter Jas Emari, informing Emari that she would bring her head back to Gyuti. However, Emari instead convinced her to give information about the location of Han Solo. She also promised to pay back three times what she owed Gyuti.[2]

Several months later, the bounty hunter Mercurial Swift decided to collect Gyuti's bounty on Jas. Swift had been humiliated by Jas and her companions on Taris and sought revenge. Underboss Rynscar confirmed that Gyuti still had a bounty on Jas. Swift recruited a crew consisting of the bounty hunters Dengar, Embo, and Jeeta. Despite capturing Jas on Jakku, Jas turned the tables on Swift by convincing Dengar and the others to join forces with her to hunt down Grand Admiral Rae Sloane in return for pardons and compensation from the New Republic.[1]


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