"We H'kig believe in the value of simple living. [...] I have no fear of a death suffered in the cause of truth, the alleviation of suffering, or the abolishment of evil."
―A H'kig priest, to Harrar[src]

The H'kig was a religious sect based on the teachings of H'kig.

On Galand, H'kig spread a message of value of simple living, high morality, goodness, and acceptance and edicts governing eating, grooming and the use of repulsorcraft.[1] The message drew masses to him but also drew the ire of the Galand royalty. When H'kig was executed by order of the Galand viceroy, the leader was martyred and sparked an exodus of his followers. The group, who named itself the H'kig to honor their fallen leader, purchased two colony starships and fled Galand in 64 BBY.[source?] In 60 BBY, the H'kig arrived on Rishi, where they established a theocracy[2] based on H'kig's teachings. But even the accepting ways of the H'kig were not without their faults, visible when a splinter group left Rishi over a doctrinal dispute and established a new H'kig community on J't'p'tan, in the Koornacht Cluster.

The majority of H'kig followers and priests hailed from Galandan stock, but the sect accepted believers of any species.

Jeh, "the imminent", teh, "the transcendent", and peh, "the eternal" represented the three key components of H'kig beliefs. Considered too holy to be written in full, the ideas were encapsulated in glyphs.

By the time of the Battle of Endor, they consisted a populace of 2 billion on Rishi, working as miners or fuel processors.

They presumably made H'kig chimes.



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