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Matmata map2

Map of Matmata

Located in Matmata in Tunisia, Hôtel Sidi Driss has become one of the most famous filming locations of Star Wars, nicknamed the Star Wars hotel. It's a traditional Berber house, built centuries ago. It served as the Lars homestead on Tatooine, the exterior being filmed 300 kilometers west, on Chott el Jerid. After the filming of the first movie, A New Hope, the decorations were taken down, only to be completely rebuilt in 2000 for the filming of Attack of the Clones. The hotel is open all year and the decorations are still intact. There are five pits in the hotel, four of them with rooms; the fifth one, the Star Wars pit, is the hotel's restaurant. Although it is not allowed to sleep in the sets, it is possible to dine in the same room as in the film.

Lars dining room[]


Philip Vanni in Lars dining room

The Lars dining room fresco used to be covered with many quick lime layers applied by the owner for years. In 1995, a French inveterate fan by the name of Philip Vanni restored it all into the same theme as in the movie by scratching the lime and drawing the motives back with a brush. He also helped them to renovate the room in the same way as in the movie, and even today all visitors can dine in the Lars dining room, while before 1995 this was simply a storage room.

Beru's kitchen[]

Sidi driss map

Map of the Star Wars pit

In Lars' dining room there are a few steps that lead down to Beru's kitchen. Beru's kitchen was in fact never built there, though it's obvious that this is where it was supposed to be. The set was built in a studio in England. In Hôtel Sidi Driss, it is used as a storage room, and no filming was done in it. This can easily be confirmed by comparing the number of steps leading down to her kitchen. In the movie there are five steps, but in Sidi Driss Hotel there are eight.[source?]


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