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H2 was a pilot droid for Dezono Qua, an Esseles native and sadistic cannibal. After Jedi Master Dass Jennir killed Qua, he took the droid for himself. H2 was Jennir's only "friend" for the next several months, even though he kept sarcastically commenting on Jennir's actions and calling him "Man-who-killed-my-master".

H2 saves Ember Chankeli on Prine.

H2 covertly assisted bounty hunter Falco Sang, hired by Qua's family, with tracking Jennir down, using his security channel to communicate with him. After Jennir modified the droid, however, it apparently suffered from amnesia and accepted the Jedi Master as his new owner, along with having a more cheerful personality rather than the acidic sarcasm the previous H2 had displayed. Four months after the institution of the Galactic Empire, Sang caught up with Jennir on the planet Prine, but was disarmed and defeated. When the bounty hunter revealed the truth to Jennir, H2 claimed ignorance. Soon afterwards, H2 took a blaster bolt fired by Sang's droid I-Z to save Jennir's protégé Ember Chankeli, and shut down, using his last words to apologize to his new master. Jennir was too preoccupied with Chankeli, whom he believed dead from the blast, to register the fact that H2 had been deactivated.[1]

When the Uhumele arrived on Prine, they rescued Jennir and Ember, as well as salvage H2. By the time H2 was fully functional, he was also repainted pink.[2]


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