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The HAVr C10 Siege Tower, or simply Imperial Siege Tower for short, was an Imperial heavy assault repulsorlift vehicle as fearsome as an AT-AT walker.

For firepower it had two heavy blaster cannons and two twin medium blaster cannons, as well as having nearly impenetrable armor. It floated about three meters above the ground on powerful repulsorlift engines. It was crewed by 6 people and could hold 12 passengers as well as 800 kilograms of cargo while going at a maximum speed of 90 kmh.

One such siege tower was deployed on the forest moon of Endor during the Battle of Endor where a group of Rebels came across it thanks to Major Perrn's warning. The rebels noticed a weak spot in the tower's armor; the armor around the repulsorlift engines (located beneath the tower) was weaker then the rest of the vehicle. Thanks to this weak spot, the group was able to take out the tower before it could join the battle at the shield generator.

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