The Golan Arms HH-15 projectile launcher was a shoulder-fired missile launcher widely used by Rebel Alliance ground forces, notably Rebel vanguard divisions.


An HH-15 torpedo warhead

The HH-15 projectile launcher was designed by Golan Arms to fire a variety of projectiles, including miniature concussion missiles, proton torpedoes[5] and armor-piercing shells. Units cost 2000 credits and weighed 12 kilograms.[2] The HH-15 was older than its Imperial counterpart, the MiniMag PTL, and had inferior targeting sensors. However, many Rebel soldiers became quite adept at aiming the missile launcher manually to acquire a target lock. Further, its rugged design meant it could be operated in extreme climates and conditions,[5] such as in the freezing temperatures of Hoth. A number of HH-15 launchers were deployed during the Battle of Hoth. Some models were modified by Rebel vanguards to fire two missiles per pull of the trigger. Such variants had a capacity for 8 missiles rather than 7 to compensate this feature and were used in a number of battlefields during the Galactic Civil War.[4]

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In the Battlefront video game series, the HH-15 launcher serves as the Rebel vanguard's primary weapon.



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