HK-77 was an assassin droid developed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the end of the Clone Wars, but they were not produced or deployed until the Galactic Civil War.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

HK-77 assassin droid

The HK-77 assassin droid was considered the pinnacle of the HK-series assassin droid lines that were designed by the Separatists. It was based on the HK-47, HK-57, HK-58, and HK-67 models. It was slightly shorter than the other models, and had a narrow head with optical sensors that extended from each side of it. Unlike the earlier models, the HK-77 had blaster rifles integrated into its arms for quick and easy access. HK-77s came in 2 primary variants: assault droids and squad leaders.

It was considered extremely aggressive and preferred overt action to stealth. It would often reveal itself to a target and give it an opportunity to escape or attack first.

It cost 19,865 credits. A popular modification was to convert the HK-77 into a firefighting droid by replacing the blaster rifles with fire extinguishers and coating the armor with a heat-resistant material.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The HK-77 assault droid was designed by Separatist engineers after finding and reverse engineering HK-47, attempting to combine the assassin droid's design with their battle droids. Unlike their predecessor, these droids are made for more direct combat. HK-77s were designed to serve as bodyguards or henchmen to larger droids. A small army of HK-77 units was created by HK-47 on Mustafar during the Galactic Civil War, but were defeated by a group of spacers.[2] Several made it off world and continued their function as assassins, but others were repurposed for various jobs, including firefighters and gamblers.[1]

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