The HT-2200 was a medium freighter from Corellian Engineering Corporation which was intended to capitalize on the popularity of the YT-1300.



Top and side views of the HT-2200.

HT-2200s had a significantly larger cargo capacity than any YT-series vessel. They also had a stronger hull and greater baseline armament than the smaller YT series ships, though they were still lightly armed for their size.

The design of the hull and power distribution systems allowed the installation of additional weapons, though this would necessitate the upgrading of the power generator as well. Most HT-2200 owners added new drive systems, the most popular being the 1L10 drive by Incom or drives from SoroSuub.

Their main advantage over the YT series was in the design of the cargo bay. The cargo area of the HT-2200 was divided into four independent sections, each of which had its own environmental controls.

Without significant modifications, the cargo area in a YT series freighter had to share the same environmental conditions as the rest of the ship. The crew of an HT-2200 could set the gravity, temperature, and atmosphere in each cargo bay differently from each other or the crew area.


Though CEC expected the HT-2200 to be a very successful product, poor reviews and insufficient manufacturer support caused it to flop. Its slow speed and low maneuverability earned the HT-2200 a reputation for being "pirate bait." In its baseline configuration, the HT-2200's advantages were offset by inadequate maneuvering thrusters, a low lift-to-mass ratio, and an overtaxed main power generator. Fortunately, these craft were as easy to modify as with their smaller cousins.

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The HT-2200 bears a strong resemblance to the freighter flown by Luke and Leia in Star Wars 38: Riders in the Void, but differs in some significant details. A similar ship flown by Chewbacca in Chewbacca 2 also resembles the earlier Marvel ship.



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