The HX.6 Turbolaser Battery was a type of turbolaser emplacement manufactured by Golan Arms. Consisting of six barrels which fire in an alternating pattern, the HX.6 was slightly better than a conventional quad turbo laser battery, but thanks to a huge power generator it was capable of a quick rate of unlimited firepower at long ranges.[1]

The weapon required a crew of ten to operate at full capacity; though it could get by on a skeleton crew of less it's firing rate was similarly reduced. Likewise it was meant to be a surface emplacement weapon, preferably in a protected location such as mountainous or thickly forested regions, though it could be mounted on free-floating orbital platforms (much to the dismay of its crew, trapped on an obvious target and unable to flee). The immense power and space requirements of the weapon, in addition to the tremendous waste heat generated, limited its ability to be mounted on most ships, though a highly expensive modification process to streamline the weapon and improve the cooling system made such mountings possible.[1]

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