Haast Aath was a male Zabrak who lived during the waning years of the Republic Classic era.


Aath worked as a slaver and was originally employed by the Hutt Morgra. However, during the Clone Wars, he became a lieutenant of Riboga, Morgra's rival. Aath was tasked with capturing slaves for Riboga's spice mining operation on the planet Kemix. He captured large numbers of Tarasin from the planet Cularin, taking them to Kemix via a compound the planet Tharados. On one such run, he captured a group of Tarasin with droid-controlled ships that he commanded from his personal Z-95 Headhunter, the Insanity Claws. However, he was pursued by the Heroes of Cularin, who prevented him from leaving the system with the Tarasin.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Counterstrike, if the heroes do not kill Aath when they encounter him on Cularin, then they later encounter him on Kemix.


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