The Habassa was the Habassa system's primary race.


They were an isolationist race and far from the interests of the Galactic Republic for millennia. Even the Galactic Empire didn't pursue them aggressively. Despite their isolationism, the Habassa used ships common throughout the galaxy, such as CR90 corvettes.

Their first involvement in the Galactic Civil War was in a Rebel B-wing starfighter assembly area during an Imperial raid that had consisted of Assault Gunboats and CR90 corvettes. The Rebels stopped the attack, but needed to evacuate the assembly area. The Habassa sent the ship Habatok 2 to rescue the station crew. The evacuation was successful.

Afterward, the Rebel Alliance attempted to make the Habassa a new ally. After a meeting held on board the Independence, the Habassa were officially made a member of the Alliance, but wanted to show a neutral stance outward. However, this didn't stop the Empire from attacking them. The Empire enslaved a portion of the Habassa people, but the Alliance rescued them. Later, the Habassa helped the Alliance to destroy the Imperial Star Destroyer Relentless.

The Habassa also directed the Alliance towards the Hoth system for their new base.



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