Habbala Brupt was a male Sullustan and a spy for the Galactic Empire.


Habbala was fleeing his homeworld as a passenger on a transport heading to Corellia. Unfortunately, during the trip, the ship was boarded by the Empire and subjected to a search. The boarding party found Rebel sympathizers aboard, and the Imperial officer in charge of the operation ordered the extermination of everyone on the ship. The Sullustan begged for his life and offered to do anything in exchange for mercy. The Imperial officer considered the value of a spy from a species not known to indulge in such activities. The boarding party chose to spare Habbala's life, unlike any others on the transport ship.

The Imperials assigned Habbala to N'zoth, the homeworld of the xenophobic Yevetha species. Eventually he found Werstilhere, an offworlder settlement on N'zoth, and settled there with hope to find a means to leave the planet and return to the Empire.


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