Haggleday was a yearly festival of the Squib species. The holiday was observed with widespread revelry and bargaining.[1] The morning of Haggleday, Squib children, known as fuzzlings, became extremely excited. When the Squib merchant Macemillian-winduarté entered a hidden compartment on a Jawa sandcrawler in 0 BBY, the variety of droids inside made him feel like a fuzzling on Haggleday again, despite the machines' various states of disrepair.[2]

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Haggleday is mentioned in the short story "Spare Parts," by Pablo Hidalgo. The story was first published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 11 in November 1996, and republished on the Hyperspace website in March 2005. Haggleday has an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, published in 2008.

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