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"...You think Meteor and Hail are thrilled when I prioritise Vanguard? Hail still has four ships too broke to fly, and I've got their commander nagging me every day like I'm all that's holding them back."
―Mechanic Ragnell to Quell[src]

Hail Squadron was a New Republic starfighter squadron that was stationed on the New Republic flagship Lodestar as part of the Barma Battle Group. The squadron utilized BTL Y-wing starfighters. Despite disliking the pilots of Hail Squadron, Alphabet Squadron's Nath Tensent compared notes on Y-wing repair with them. Hail squadron's Y-wings were marked with gold and blue stripes.[1]


Cerberon systemEdit

"We haven't lost a ship in fifteen days, ... Not us, not Meteor Squadron, not Hail."
―Yrica Quell, to Wyl Lark[src]

Sometime after the attack on Pandem Nai, Hail Squadron was deployed to the Troithe operation, which stretched on for weeks.[3]

Nadiri DockyardsEdit

"I've already sent Meteor and Hail Squadrons to secure the dockyards."
―Hera Syndulla, briefs Vanguard Five on the Nadiri Dockyards[src]

Four years after the battle at Fostar Haven, General Hera Syndulla sent Hail and Meteor Squadrons to secure the Nadiri Dockyards after it was attacked by Imperial forces led by Captain Terisa Kerrill.[2]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Hail Squadron first appeared in the 2019 novel Alphabet Squadron, written by Alexander Freed.[1]


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